Ülle Sander

Choirmaster and solfeggio teacherphoto

Ülle Sander graduated from Tallinn Music High School in 1976, having specialized in music theory. In 1981 she graduated from Tallinn Conservatoire, having studied music pedagogy.

Ülle Sander has been a longtime teacher for the Ellerhein Girls’ Choir. Sice 1981 Sander is the solfeggio teacher and since 1989 the choirmaster of Ellerhein Girls’ Choir.

Ülle Sander teaches the singers the base knowledge required for reading music and for musical expression. This is achieved using the JO-LE-MI system, first introduced by Zoltán Kodály. In addition, the lessons consist of learning the songs currently in the repertoire Ellerhein Girls’ Choir.

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